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2023 Cheers - No Fear - Happy New Year

 Letting go of 2022. Adios.

What are we planning? Are there New Year's resolutions?

What were 2022 resolutions? I cannot remember mine !

What does the photo evoke?A leap of faith? A fear of falling? 

So cheers or fears in 2023?
Maybe it will be "an extraordinary process"...

I guess it's how we choose to be, our state of mind, our spiritual focus, and our choices about who and what we allow into our life. Is it or them feeding us or depleting us? 

Of course it is a not clear cut, black and white simplistic choice. It's an ongoing process. One thing is certain - we can let go of 2022. Adios.

For me, I will continue to write and hopefully add some inspiration to the content mix out there, and to whomever is reading this today, blessings to you and yours in 2023. Cheers ! No Fear. Happy New Year! Carpe Diem.

A year from now I will revisit this blog post and reflect on 2023. Stay tuned.

Here's a few photos just for fun 
Sand sculpture, David Bowie aging quote, woman with cigar, Mexico, Cape Foulweather, Oregon, My 1987 photo in Mexico next to a large Olmec head, enroute to Palenque,a Mayan site, last photo.
Today - December 30-2022 is my fifth year anniversary of living in Mexico. I had a one way ticket, carry-on, and check in bag. A digital nomad ready for a magical, mystical Mexico adventure. 


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