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Five Ideas for Inspiration for October

 Five Ideas for Inspiration in October

“There is no season when such pleasant and sunny spots may be lighted on, and produce so pleasant an effect on the feelings, as now in October.” — Nathaniel Hawthorne

October is a month of change, transition from Summer to Fall, from light to increasing darkness in the days, colder weather, rain, brilliant leaves that fall and sail with the wind, candles and approaching holidays, Dias de Los Muertos and Halloween traditions, Fall harvest, and more time indoors.

Here are five ideas for inspiration in October:

1) Start a creative project

A creative project can be anything that you've thought about doing and have not started yet. Whatever it is, creativity will be involved in how you plan it, have ideas about it, engage in it, and take actions to create it. This first act of creativity may be to start it. Once started, commit to follow through with it daily, and maybe set a goal to continue until the end of the year.

2) Celebrate Halloween differently

Besides the usual routines of visiting a haunted house, or pumpkin patch, or decorating the home, consider adding something different. For example, when I lived in Denver the Botannical Gardens had an amazing authentic celebration of Dios de Los Muertos, the Day of the Dead celebrated in Mexico. Another idea is to carve pumpkins with unique faces that you can find on Google and display them on your window or front porch.

Scary movies and books are prolific, and if these have not been a part of the routine, seek out unusual experiences with both or either. I am listening to the classic novel Dracula as an audiobook for the first time. This is the original story and it is very engaging, building suspense in every chapter. It is a masterpiece and now I know why.

3) Listen to inspiring music every morning (or whatever time works)

Whether on YouTube or with headphones try adding one inspiring song in your morning routine or whatever time works in the day. By adding more music in October, the month will take on a different vibe, and may enhance your life in ways unknown until you try it.

4) Plants seeds of inspiration for the New Year

Whatever inspires you now take it to the next level and add something new. The New Year will be upon us soon and October is a good time to start planting "seeds of inspiration" or ideas that will inspire you through the rest of the year and into the New Year. In one year from now you might have a tree. 

5) Create and read an affirmation every day until the end of the year.

Here's a template to work with or create your own. By affirming this every day you are infusing the most positive thoughts about your life in a concentrated form. 
Today I am most grateful for ___________________________.
These are the reasons why I love my life or will love my life: ________, _________, _________, ______________.
I am continuing _________- a new project and committed to practicing it every day until the end of the year. I enjoy the love and connection with my family and friends, especially ______, ______, ______, ______, ______._________ 
October can be a month to be remembered this year, for those things that we started or created that provided us inspiration in the months that followed. 
Carpe Diem

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