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In Silence We Speak

 In silence we speak

not with our words but from our souls

Our broken and healed hearts

Our depths of memories

with grieving, gratitude, forgiveness,and more

In silence we hope....

for more silence

Like in the eye of a hurricane surrounded

By turbulent winds of change, of chaos, of loud thunderous sounds

That impose upon our inner silence, our peace of mind

In silence how many will shout, scream, howl, and weep

yell, and vent with anger, frustration, and pain

that has seeped into their souls and possibly also into the collective subconscious

of humanity, and then is hopefully released, healed, and reborn

In silence we hold fast to our spirit, our life, and our sanity

we speak not with words but with love

in those sublime moments of beautiful music, of nature, oceans

and waterfalls, that pour the living waters into our souls. 

In silence we speak to our self, and then we listen

to that still small voice that speaks to us

to our heart and our soul

that is connected to a Divine Spirit

who speaks to us in silence

and in love

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  1. This is beautiful and resonates with me today. Thank you.


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