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The Inspiration of an IRS Phone Call


 I know. Catchy title. Now what?

(note: I'm writing this while on hold waiting to talk to them)

It's not so much the inspiration of the IRS in itself. It's getting through and having a positive outcome from a phone call there. (or receiving a stimulus check:).

It's a dreadful and ominous idea of having to call the IRS for anything. But when you have to, then it needs to be done.

There is a "Taxpayer Advocate" phone number that usually is easier to get through. The other day after a 30 minute wait  I was able to get through (after four attempts with the main IRS number) , then they routed me to the right department - Balance Due - and I had a positive outcome from the call.

some have called from this old phone and are still eaiting to get through

Now I am calling again as that dept. does not handle my other issue.

Thought - should I really publish this? Who wants to read about the IRS? Who reads my blogs anyway? Well, 34,000 since I set it up, and 10 for my last post The Inspiration of The Hobbit. 

So if the IRS is not your favorite topic to read....then consider this:

What has inspired you the most in your life?

Do you believe in the Latin phrase "Carpe Diem"? seize the day?
(Do you know what movie it was used in by the main actor?) 

DISCONNECTED - my internet phone app accidentally disconnected the call. omg....starting over...  877-777-4778 "Welcome to the Internal Revenue Service, National Taxpayer Advocate service".....please hold....estimated wait time 30-60 min) 

If you have read this far, thank you for visiting !

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  1. Haha David, nope it all works out. I have managed to avoid IRS calls for ten years, fingers crossed! Hope all is well in your neck of Mexico.


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