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Why Journaling Will Make Your Life Experience Deeper

Even though I had engaged with writing over the years, I first started writing seriously about ten years ago. The catalyst was a daily routine called "Morning Pages" developed by Julia Cameron. Every morning I would write three pages as a stream-of-consciousness process. There was no stopping for editing or grammar or typos since no one was going to read it except me. The process was to just let go and let it flow with thoughts, ideas, feelings and anything that came to mind.

At first it was awkward. Then it became a daily challenge and commitment that I looked forward to. This went on for a number of days. I cannot recall how many and it doesn't really matter. What matters is the commitment to write in a journal daily with three pages. It was amazing how easily the three pages could be filled once I got into the flow of it.

Here are some ideas why journaling might be a good experience in life. When you do this and are open to spiritual inspiration, you might be surprised what comes through.

1) There is a connection with your heart and mind when you actually put down words of feelings and ideas in a way that is unique, private and personal.

2) You may have thoughts or ideas outside of your normal routine that provide insights into life.

3) If you have memories or dreams then you can write about them. Pull out all the stops (like in a church pipe organ), and let the memories and ideas come. Sometimes they come so fast it might be like you are receiving dictation from your mind, and subconscious, or even from a spiritual connection on the other side.

4) Journaling can also be in the form of Q and A -
start with questions.....then answer them. What are the most important questions in your life now? Write these down, then answer each one honestly and truly. Observe how you are responding to yourself. Remember no one is going to read this except you. If you find yourself writing as if someone else is going to read it, then let that go and open up to expressing a deeper dive into your real desires, goals, passions, and journey.

This process of journaling can be like a new adventure in your life. It might help your consciousness expand and be open to more possibilities. It might help you connect with your inner guidance, your intuition, and your spiritual core.

It is something that can be started easily. If three pages seem too much maybe start with a time goal - maybe 15 minutes every morning. Then increase the time as needed.

Journaling can help you to experience life in a deeper way. 

If you have read this far thank you for visiting, reading this blog and being open to possibilities.

Julia Cameron, author of The Artists Way, has a website with descriptions and support for the morning pages, and helping us open up to our creative energies. (see link below).

Although she encourages longhand writing, I also believe that typing into a Word document and saving it in a folder is also allowed!

Carpe Diem

- David Lawrence Brown

Julia Cameron website >

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