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The Ancient Redwoods Spoke to Me - Free Ebook

Hello friends,

My ebook - The Ancient Redwoods Spoke to Me - is available for a free download between April 2-7th. It can be read with the free Kindle app from Amazon - no purchase needed.

You can click on the Amazon link and read the introduction and first pages with the "Look Inside" feature > then buy for free if you want.
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After I had published the book 333 Keywords to Change Your Life, I was guided to start an inspirational blog with posts or writings on various mystical topics, some based on personal experience, and others on the exploration of consciousness, mystical experiences, unusual insights, new thought teachings, and the joy of the spiritual journey in life.

The main theme of these writings is to provide inspiration for readers as a ‘sanctuary of words’ in the midst of all of the challenges, fears, and uncertainty going on in the world. The Ancient Redwoods Spoke to Me was one of those blog posts that combined an unusual experience with the profound expressions of nature, and an unforgettable image in the trunk of a redwood tree. I chose this blog title for this book as it reflects on the message that can be given to us even in the deep silence of a redwood forest. This book consists of a series of blog posts from early 2017 through the Fall of 2018 in one combined format. I have chosen the ordering of the writings based on what I want to convey if they are read in this sequence, as they are an invitation to explore various ideas of the wisdom of life from different perspectives collectively and individually. “The Last Dance – Aging into Eternity” is only published here in this book at the end and was not published in my public blog. I hope that you have inspiration and enjoyment in reading these blog posts that are not dated, but considered as “evergreen content”, always being relevant in this amazing journey of life.

Description on Amazon

What does it mean to live in the question? How does an ancient redwood tree have a natural formation of the profile of a Native American face embedded in the trunk? What is it like to have a mystical experience? How important is inspiration in your life? In this series of inspirational writings David Lawrence Brown combines personal experiences with themes of inspiration, oneness, mystical depth, insights, wisdom and the love of life.

Preview the "Look inside" feature for the full text of the Ancient Redwoods Spoke to Me story, including the amazing photo taken on-site in the Jedidiah Smith Redwoods State Park in Northern California.

Read about a dog named Shaman that communicated in a unique way from the other side. Take a journey in an oasis meditation that evokes a powerful mystical experience. Learn why there can be magic in owning your own story.

These are examples of individual writings inspired by the mysteries of life lived deeply, with inspiration being a keyword for living in a world of challenges and negative vibes.

If you want to have more inspiration, share in the wisdom of deep spiritual experiences, have a taste of the mystical in narrative prose, and experience a 'sanctuary of words', then enjoy the Ancient Redwoods Spoke to Me.

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