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It Was Just an Afternoon Meditation ...

yet it felt so good to stop everything and allow twenty + minutes for stillness, peace, and reflection.

I must have needed it after waking up several times last night and not getting right back to sleep. 

I went deep. 

There were no thoughts about the viral crisis, or much of anything after 5 minutes or so. 

I might have fallen asleep, as I do not remember being alert as usual during a part of the meditation. That is okay. Whatever happens is allowed me to go deep and I could tell when I came out that it was more than just relaxing casually. It was a very deep relaxation. I went beyond my normal twenty minutes or so. I did not even track the time beyond that.

With all of this crisis going on, peace of mind is a possibility, and it seemed like just the right thing to do. 

I have a regular morning meditation, and enjoy starting the every day with twenty plus minutes. Adding an afternoon meditation occasionally has motivated me to also make it a daily routine. Meditation twice a day.

Sometimes things happen in our life that we know are just the right fit at the right time.

It was just an afternoon meditation.

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  1. Beautiful David. Keep writing! We all need this now....


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