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Inspiration Helps the Immune System

Imagine swimming in this beautiful natural pool. The sounds of the waterfalls, the smells of the fresh air and flowers, and the energy of the moment. You and a best friend or partner share laughter here. It is one of the memorable experiences of a lifetime. It's only a photo, yet with imagination, it can be more. It might be a source of inspiration. 

There are many reasons to be inspired, and one is to have a stronger mental attitude and physical immune system. When we are planning to self-quarantine to avoid contact with others and be safer from the Covid-19 virus, we can also incorporate different activities into our lifestyle that helps our immune system.

Many of these are already well known in self-help and self-care books and blogs. Meditation, yoga, mindfulness, love, gratitude, and mental affirmations are a few. 

The normal may have been that there is not enough time to do everything that you want in these areas. The new normal is that yes there is time to do these now, or whatever works for you during this crisis. 

"This is a time for humanity, creativity, connection — and yes, even humor.", says Marie Forleo, self-help guru and creative entrepreneur. 

Emotional contagions such as fear, anxiety, and stress can weaken the immune system. 

Emotions such as love, gratitude, and compassion can increase our vibration and keep us focused on a positive mindset amid panic, and a collective grief that has not fully set in yet.

What inspires you? Music? Art? A good book? Laughter? Connection? Whatever inspires you, consider increasing it in your life. Discover new sources of inspiration. I recently discovered a musical group out of Portland, Oregon - Pink Martini. I had heard of them before but never listened to them. Now with Amazon Music Unlimited, I love their music. It's just one example of many that helps to keep me inspired. 

YouTube videos are an excellent way to get inspired. Brene Brown in TedTalks, a Mozart Symphony orchestra performance, Classical guitar, oldie favorite concerts, and nature videos are a few ideas. 

For more ideas, visit my blog post from the end of 2019 - "How to Survive 2020" - This year will rock your gypsy soul. 

Inspiration can help the immune system and much more in life. 

It is time to believe in it, imagine it, create it, receive it, and give it away to others. 

Blessings for a happy and healthy life.
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