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How to Survive 2020

2020 is Going to Rock Your Gypsy Soul. 

Rocking your gypsy soul can mean a lot of things.

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"I wanna rock your gypsy soul
Just like way back in the days of old
Then magnificently we will float
Into the mystic" - Van Morrison, "Into the Mystic"

This blog post was written on December 28 2019. Before Corona Virus, financial market chaos, and global panic. As of today's update if politics was not enough to be concerned about, now we have the corona virus and worldwide economic fallout from it. The contents of this blog post still applies, even more so. We need to survive, even thrive, in the midst of personal, national, and global challenges. 

In case you are concerned about 2020 to the point where your dreams are different when you finally get to sleep, your meds are no longer working, you've been diagnosed with election year disorder, and you begin to suffer from PTSD ("Pre-traumatic stress disorder"), then here are some ideas:

Life goes on, and there is a lot more to life than politics. Okay? I said it and will probably get banned from some social media networks forever. 

Maybe that's not good enough. Saying it is one thing. Doing it or feeling it is another. We are a culture of spectator sports. Do we need to be bombarded by the media with the next crisis in the "situation room", the "crisis center" and the hotline of inside views of what really is going on? Is this hitting home? How does this affect our mental health? Here's what some experts say:

"You cannot control how the campaign season will go or how long it lasts, but you can control how much of it you take in and how it affects your mental health. Much like how you wouldn't get up from your couch and try to run a marathon tomorrow, mental health specialists and campaign veterans say you need to start preparing yourself now if you plan to get through this without throwing your phone and then yourself into the nearest toilet. Yes, professional runners out there (journalists, politicians, and other sadistic wonks) will always seem more prepared than you. "

10 Survival Tactics Ideas That May Help Maintain Sanity in 2020

1) Make a commitment to yourself of how you want to experience the news of 2020.
(and how you want to experience life in 2020.)

You can accept it all, be impartial, be entertained, or be deeply affected. You can continue to be angry, frustrated, sad, confused, overwhelmed, and vindictive. Or you can commit to changing how you process information received. You choose what sources and types of information you want to receive. It is not a legal requirement that you watch CNN, FOX, or cable news every day or at all. You can choose not to watch cable tv. If you can control how you respond to the news and life, then you have made a big step in surviving the year. 

2) Stay in the "eye of the hurricane." 

We can decide to live our daily lives as if we are in the "eye of a hurricane" - that still, peaceful center where there are no turbulent winds. In 2020, there may be stormy winds. It might be easy to get knocked into the winds, yet you can always come back to the center. (Another blog from 2016 uses this metaphor : 

3) Inspiration - it may not seem of interest or be relevant for some people. For others, it may be the key to surviving and thriving in 2020.

 Inspiration is what can help keep us sane, happy, balanced, centered, and still loving life in the midst of a "hurricane". It might take some work to be inspired all of the time. Ask the Divine Spirit, and you may be surprised at the answer. We can be empowered, energized, and motivated, as well as inspired in 2020. We can soar like eagles and fly into the mystic. Get inspired then help others in different ways.

4) Proactive vs Reactive - If you are against something with anger, frustration, fear, anxiety, and sadness, then try being the opposite in your approach to the way things are. 

Be for something instead of against something. It just might change the subtle energy and your biochemistry. Stress hormones can go away. Don't buy into someone else's agenda, or issues, or anger, etc. Sacred activism is unifying, not divisive, loving, not fearful, compassionate, and not violent. I love the vibe.

5) Meditation and Daily Routines

Seriously. Create the time and sacred space and treat yourself to 20-30 minutes of a peaceful, relaxing meditation experience daily. Early mornings seem to work best. Afternoons can be nice also if there is silence with no distractions. It's like a daily retreat. It may be the most important thing that you can do in 2020. Yoga is amazing also.
Learn more >

Can daily routines help? We all have our preferences. For some, meditation and other spiritual practices keep them centered. Also physical exercise, breathing deeply, hydration, and eating healthy food are choices. Smoke cigars or anything else if that works for you. 

6) Think iceberg. 

We may only be presented with the surface of the information that we receive and that no matter how deep we go in trying to understand the reality and truth of something there may be more depth beyond our reach. 

7) Be open to all possibilities, reality checks as well as laughter, and fun. 

8) Read positive, inspirational books, blogs, posts, or book reviews

Stay motivated to keep an ongoing faith and strength in your own power and ability to remain calm. Avoid the negative news, negative Facebook posts, negative humor. 

9) Get Support - from friends or groups or professional help to overcome any resistance or reaction to what is happening or not happening in 2020. Some are "cleaning house" with their circle of friends. Sometimes its only one or a few close friends that makes a big difference. Facebook "friends" expands the idea of friendship as being a connection through social media, even though there may not be any one-to-one communication or contact. I'm okay with that. It's like the iceberg concept. Some are on the surface and others have much more depth. It is what it is. "Let it Be" (Beatles song).

Gaining deeper knowledge about the dynamics of the "bigger picture" is very helpful. 

As an example, the astrology forecasts of 2020 are uncanny. There is a "Capricorn stellium" that has profound long reaching effects. Saturn joins with Pluto exact in January 2020. Jupiter is also there. This configuration has not happened for three hundred years. If you think Mercury retrograde is a challenge, then being prepared for this collective life-changing stellium can be helpful for your sanity. Check it out on Google or consider consulting a professional astrologer that can give you perspective on a larger scale as well as how your own personal horoscope is affected. (I recommend an excellent astrologer that I have used for years - Dale O'Brien - email : )

10) Escape
Escape from the chaos, the insanity, the culture shock, or whatever is causing your life to be unhappy. Escape can be anything from meditation to travel, to movies, books, or other entertainment. Some choose to move to a different country and become ex-pats. We are free to choose what content we experience or participate in to a large extent. We can fly with a natural high. We can laugh and love and dance in our blood. We can be mindful of these fleeting moments, and let them go if they do not resonate, and keep them as memories if they do. 

2020 is going to rock your gypsy soul. 
"Let your soul and spirit fly Into the mystic."
- Van Morrison

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Santa's Secrets Revealed

There are some secrets of Santa Claus that are finally being revealed during this holiday season. You most likely had not heard of them before, as they were highly classified and kept at the North Pole locked in a vault. These are not related directly to the known facts about Santa Claus working with elves, having flying reindeer, climbing down chimneys, and delivering gifts on Christmas Eve. However, in some ways, they are related to everything else in the universe.

These secrets are mainly about how Santa lives during the offseason when he is not delivering gifts. 

Secrets # 1 

Santa is known for smoking a pipe but also likes cigars and red wine. Cabernet is his favorite, but also a hearty Bordeaux can be found in his wine cellar. He especially likes Christmas Jazz and listens to it year-round even during Christmas Eve on his sleigh with headphones. The list is long and some of his favorites include Michael BublĂ© - Santa Claus Is Coming To Town, A Charlie Brown Christmas by Vince Guaraldi, especially the songs Skating and the famous one Linus and Lucy. Other favorite Christmas jazz oldies include "Here Comes Santa" by Ramsey Lewis, and "Jingle Bells" by Duke Ellington& Orchestra.
He loves the Tonight Show and has been a fan from the beginning from Johnny Carson to Jay Leno to Jimmy Fallon. Stephen Colbert is also a favorite. Santa is a Superbowl fan, but his favorite team is still a secret. 

Secrets # 2

Santa is actually more than a Saint Nick. He and his wife are both Shamans, mystics, priests, and healers who are equally the sacred masculine and feminine of the Great Spirit, the Giver of Life, the Eternal One beyond all names and religions. They are celebrated throughout the universe as well as on Earth and have a large following in celestial social media. They have many names and sometimes like to walk among us incognito. Their conversations usually cause people to smile and laugh. They especially like to visit those who are suffering, handicapped, hospitalized, or close to passing into the next life of the spirit. 

Secrets # 3 

Santa has a unique spark of light that he gives to all of the children in the world. These sparks transcend culture, religion, beliefs of the parents, and quantum physics. When the sparks go out, he lights them again. During the Christmas season, he gives extra sparks of light to those children in need. These sparks of light are full of love, and every child receives them. Some children can see them. Others can feel them in their hearts. They glow and have a unique energy that can only come from Santa and his wife as a special gift. 

The Spirit of Santa can be found everywhere. Even in the most unexpected places. Santa's wife is also a muse. In addition to joining with him to deliver sparks and gifts throughout the universe, she inspires Christmas songs, especially Christmas jazz. 

Secret # 4 

There is a bit of the spirit of Santa Claus in all of us. During this season, it can come alive and take on a life of its own. Our inner child has that unique spark of light.
Can you feel it?