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Why Imagination Can Make Your Life Awesome

Imagine this :

Your favorite story of all time becomes your own story. Challenges that you have overcome, sweet memories of breakthroughs, amazing experiences, moments of incredible joy, and feelings of love that are so deep and powerful that your life will never be the same again.

Sound familiar?

Here and now can be an extremely fortunate time for you in your life, and as a result of imagination things can be created or start happening that surprise you. You might have lucky opportunities that seem to "come out of the blue". Your intention to be open to shifts and breakthroughs in your life just went to the next level. Your self-confidence is so powerful that you do not need another self-help book or seminar or workshop since you are facilitating one as a master teacher with your own life.

Every moment in which you can consciously be mindful to "ramp it up", or infuse more energy, love, intention, focus, and expanded awareness is a blessing. Imagine more moments like this happening in every day of your life.

Imagination as a Keyword

"The invitation of the keyword “Imagination” is to embrace the creative and inherent ability of our minds to visualize, generate new ideas and thoughts, fantasize, pretend, dream, and transcend the boundaries of ordinary thinking. Results of imagination can be inventive, where the ideas of making something work better are imagined. Imagination is a key component of affirmations, as we visualize and imagine ourselves being and doing things that we affirm. Imagination and visualization can be used effectively in meditation as a means of focusing on certain images or thoughts. It is commonly used in competitive sports to give an edge in performance. We can use imagination to give ourselves an edge in living a fuller life. We can imagine a better world as in the song “Imagine” by John Lennon."
- Brown, David Lawrence. 333 Keywords to Change Your Life

Imagine Overcoming Resistance

Imagine the beginning of a new relationship with yourself, in which your intentions to help others, share the love, visualize healing and peace, and taking your life to a whole new level starts happening now.  Really? Your "other self" might start the inner dialog as described in the concept of resistance by Steven Pressfield in the book The War of Art. Resistance is that doubt that can hold us back, set up roadblocks, and bring in those thoughts that seem to get in the way of our imagination. Being aware of this "built-in" resistance is a key to moving beyond it in the moment.  Imagine that !

Why Imagination Can Make Your Life Awesome

And if this is a moment of testing, a challenging time, for you or a loved one, imagine that this will pass, is passing, and your experience of it is transformed regardless of how long it lasts.

These are the precious moments of our life. Cherish these moments. They are passing by. Seize the day with imagination. Use imagination as a tool, a warrior weapon of love, and a daily practice of co-creation with the Divine Spirit. This is how imagination can become more important, more powerful, more creative, and fun. 

This is why imagination can make your life awesome.

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  1. Love this David. Imagining is empowering. I am imagining the wonderful changes in your life! Stay in touch...Kim


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