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Shape Shifting in 2019

Are you a shape-shifter? Do you know any ?

Something new to think about. 

When we hear the expression "shape shifting" it may remind us of a supernatural being in a horror movie that changes and morphs into something different, maybe even more terrifying. Werewolves and vampires are a common type of shape-shifting. 

Yet shape-shifting, while most commonly used for malevolent purposes, goes beyond the horror genre and has been a theme for thousands of years in folklore, mythology, fairy tales, shamanism, and tribal traditions. The concept is deeply embedded in our collective subconscious, ancient cultural memories, and genetic blueprints. 

The concept of shape-shifting can apply to a larger theme, such as world politics, the collective mindset, or a personal theme of how we are changing within our own life, and the dynamics of relationships. 

This year in particular - 2019 - seems to have the perfect storm for shape shifting. 

First, politicians, political organizations and the media all seem to be masters of shape-shifting. Take your pick on whose shape you are focusing on, and how they shift. Vampires and werewolves may be included.

Second, consider the shape-shifting of the world through technology. A huge paradigm shift is taking place with biotechnology, artificial intelligence, and information technology. Companies that started in a garage or a college campus dorm room such as Apple, Google, and Facebook are the leviathan shape-shifters of today's tech world. Soon there will be an app for shape-shifting. Then that app will shift into something else.

Third, when you really think about it, everything that is living is shape-shifting all of the time in one way or another. And the natural world also shifts and changes. Volcanoes, wildfires, earthquakes, dramatic weather events, tsunamis, hurricanes, and deep freezes are all on the list. Records are being broken in dramatic weather patterns. The world as we know it is shape-shifting.

Fourth, there is an astrological configuration going on in 2019 that is not well known yet may be having an effect on the concept of shape shifting being the new normal this year. Jupiter square Neptune, if it has any indications of cycles of collective experience as a possibility, can be the perfect storm for deceptive optimism being presented by wolves in sheep's clothing as the metaphor is known. Transparency might be difficult or illusory. Yet if there are two sides to this configuration then it can also be a time for inspiration, positive vibes for transformation, and awareness of what is below the surface of things (information, behaviors, news, statements, media).

Shape-shifting can be magical, mysterious, hidden, revealed, unknown, prevalent, insidious, and empowering. It is happening all around us on subtle levels and in day to day experiences. 

How are we perceiving the world?
Are we focusing on shape-shifting vampires and werewolves? Or are we embracing the shapes and shifts that are empowering, positive, healing, and  good for all of humanity?   Just saying. We choose how we perceive shapes and shifts.

When we view the world from a shape-shifting perspective, it can take on a whole different vibe, a different acceptance of change, and the freedom to create new shifts and shapes in our own life, our relationships, and how we share our gifts with the world. 

And we can become even more aware of the type of shape-shifting that is insidious, hidden, and akin to the concept of resistance as described by Steven Pressfield in his book The War of Art. 

“Resistance obstructs movement only from a lower sphere to a higher. It kicks in when we seek to pursue a calling in the arts, launch an innovative enterprise, or evolve to a high station morally, ethically, or spiritually.” 
― Steven Pressfield, The War of Art: Break Through the Blocks & Win Your Inner Creative Battles

Let's be aware of any type of shape-shifting or resistance that seeks to prevent us from seeing things clearly, pursuing a higher calling, evolve our consciousness, or expand our artistic creativity in 2019 and beyond.

Then let's become shape-shifters of inspiration, positive change, creativity, and transformation.