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A Morning Stream of Consciousness

"“The Muse,” as I imagine her, is the collective identity of the nine goddesses, sisters, daughters of Zeus and Mnemosyne (Memory), whose charge it is to inspire artists. Other names for this mysterious force might be the Unconscious, the Self, the Quantum Soup. Whatever it is, it represents the unseen dimension of Potentiality that is either within us or beyond us. It’s where ideas come from." - Steven Pressfield, "You, as the Muse Sees You"

The morning is my favorite time of day, and I enjoy getting up early as a "morning person", doing meditation, and deciding what I am going to read, or write.

This blog post is an exercise in a stream of consciousness style of writing, as once I get started, I can just write whatever flows into my mind without editing, except for typos later, and allow the creative process to possibly open up to new ideas, feelings, insights, or questions about life, the universe, people, nature and whatever comes up. Maybe a muse is inspiring me. Who knows? It may be her words coming through ...

There is a book titled The Autumn of the Patriarch by Gabriel Garcia Marquez, my favorite author, in which the writing is one long paragraph with vivid descriptions in sentences that seem to go on and on, sometimes for an entire page and more, as if all the words were spontaneous and a stream of consciousness, mirroring life itself in some ways as it just keeps streaming and does not pause in time for anything, unless it is the transcendent part of life beyond time and this dimension, yet for all purposes in our experience, in a way we live in a stream of consciousness, not knowing what thought may come streaming in next, even if we try to control it, and not knowing the mystery of what life will reveal this day and in the coming days, and weeks, and years, and yet this mystery can also be refreshing, empowering, and a challenge as we are already a part of it and are "co-creating" it in every moment, even when asleep and not conscious in that there is a part of us still active, in dreams, deep sleep, and with unconscious functions controlled by our brain which is a mystery in itself with the billions of neural connections and firings going on almost simultaneously in nanoseconds, and that is its own stream of consciousness on that level, and when we reflect, ponder, contemplate, or wonder in awe at the amazing mystery and beauty of creation and the miraculous workings of our brain, heart, soul, nature, and all the subtle dimensions of Creation beyond comprehension we cannot help but want to just celebrate life today, and then the mud, the drudge, the "reality" of the shadow, the dark energy of negative vibes, the ego of separation, and the instability of the world may creep into our consciousness, wrap us up in its stuff, and distract us from who we really are, what life is really all about, including the presence of the Divine Spirit that is always with us as a possibility, as a reality, as a mystery, and as a blessing.

So I am writing this for my own exercise, and for you if you are still reading it, and I imagine that the words that flow so well in a book by Isabel Allende do so because she may have also used this same approach in writing, then edited it after, so that it still maintained the "stream of consciousness" type of energy that can keep a reader engaged in the flowing vivid descriptions, the metaphors, the allusions, and other literary techniques that either come naturally or with some creative editing are included in the streaming of words and thoughts, and story.

I just stopped. Paused. And so this ends. Yet life keeps streaming on. Carpe Diem. Namaste.