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A Special Tribute to Mile Hi Church

Ministers at Mile Hi Church

This blog post is a tribute to the spiritual community at Mile Hi Church, which isn't a church at all in the traditional sense of the term, but an all-inclusive, positive spiritual community experience that welcomes all denominations, all religions and spiritual paths. Many have the experience of "Welcome Home" when they attend their first service that usually has over 1000 people attending at the 10am Sunday event.

I am so grateful for the inspiration from the Divine Spirit to have broken through the resistance to writing and to have the gift to share inspirational topics. Inspiration is the focus of the topics in this blog, and my experience with Mile Hi Church in the city of Lakewood in the Denver area has been one of the catalysts for inspiration in my life on many levels. The video below (at the end of this blog post) is from the Mile Hi Church YouTube channel, and provides an excellent overview of their mission and vision. They are the largest New Thought Community in the country, and the people there are an amazing diverse group committed to spiritual growth, healing, and prayer. The Works of Heart bookstore is a vortex of fascinating books and sacred art. I loved being a part of this community, and am still connected although not there physically. I enjoy watching the 10am service streaming live from their website.

Besides the weekly services, one source of inspiration for me was taking my first class "Beyond Limits" with Rev Barry Ebert in Oct 2016. I had originally planned to just get the book and self study it in the summer, but then thought that a group experience would be a more rewarding form of study as I had enough solitude in my life as it is. In addition to many insights and enjoying the sharing of others, I had a breakthrough in my desire to meditate twice a day. Everything else always seemed to get in the way. The breakthrough was the insight that "well who is the one letting everything else get in the way?"! It may sound simple, but it changed my life in that I have meditated twice a day ever since with a few exceptions.

Another source of inspiration for these blogs was a Mile Hi Church class entitled The Power of Your Word that I took with Reverend Shannon O'Hurley in Feb 2017. I had started this blog just before the class started, and it provided me with some powerful tools and insights that contributed to the flow of writing that has happened.

I also want to give a huge shout-out to the Mile Hi Church choir, and the amazing choir director Stacey Landes, M.M. Choral Conducting. I sang with this amazing choir in 2016 and through December of 2017. It has been such an inspiration to sing with this group of souls who are like a family, and together offering their voices as one voice to the Mile Hi Church community. Singing in the  Christmas Candlelight services in particular has been one of the special times in my life and if I do not return for another season, then it is a cherished memory that I will never forget. I miss the choir family and am glad to be still connected to many of them in Facebook. View one of the choir videos below "Read My Name"....beautiful lyrics.

Thank you Mile Hi Church, the ministers, Music Ministry and choir for the inspiration, insights, community, classes, and great people!  Even though I have moved out of the state on December 30th, I am still connected to this amazing community, through live streaming of services, friends, Facebook, and on all levels.

And so it is !

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