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My Dog Shaman Spoke to Me (after he had passed)

Can animals communicate to us after they have passed?

I met Amy Miller at a pet grieving meeting after our dogs had passed about the same time last

October 2016. She is an expert at subtle communications with animals during life and after they have passed. She published a fascinating and inspiring book about it -  Beyond Companionship - Connecting with Kindred Souls of Animal Companions. After reading that book I was convinced even more that this is possible with Shaman.

This is a story that must be told. It is also on my author profile on Amazon.

Some Background

Shaman was the name that just came to me intuitively in Powell's bookstore in Portland Oregon while looking at pet names books. He was a majestic collie with the soul of a wolf. He would howl like a wolf sometimes (as pictured) and it was so cool to hear him do that. I would howl with him (in private not in public) We were together for ten and a half years. He wandered onto a farm at six weeks old and they took him in but needed to give him away after a year as they already had too many dogs. I found him at a Humane Society shelter in Corvallis Oregon with a letter describing his first year. It was love at first sight. He awakened a part of my soul and will always be with me in spirit.

An Amazing Experience
Although he passed on in October 2016, I felt that his spirit is still strong and connected to me. In Feb 2017, while walking on the Bear Creek bike path next to my home, I had an experience that I will never forget. I told myself before I went out for a walk that if I saw any dogs I would ask the owner if they are friendly and if I could say hello. Within fifteen minutes

on the bike path I met a woman who had two Aussies. One of them started to become very friendly and she said that she had never seen her dog Ruby respond like that to a stranger. Then while I was scratching the dog's back, the dog rubbed against my leg and put her head and body halfway through my legs. The woman was amazed and had never seen that before during Ruby's entire life of over ten years. Then it occurred to me later that Shaman's spirit was there because that is exactly what he did when getting a back scratch.

There are so many types of non-verbal communication. Even body language is considered to be a major part of communication, and on the spiritual levels, all possibilities exist for communication. I guess I may not have been receiving them from Shaman or conscious of them, so he showed me through another dog that he was there and is with me in spirit. I am so grateful for his doing that. I'm leaving his photo with me on my Facebook profile. I have a large poster that I made a few years ago with his name on it since I knew that one day it would be a memorial.


  1. Deeply touched by your love for one another! Beautiful love story that no doubt continues on ♡♡♡������

  2. Those ??? were supposed to be paw prints...

  3. I love your story David. I had a simaler experience after my dog Hailey passed from a Rabies injection. I had just lost my Dad a few months prior. I felt a very strong urge to go to a spiritual retreat with James Van Praagh. During the first break a young woman came up to me and said Who is that adorable dog walking with you in spirit? She is a low ride black and white Basset Hound? I burst into tears. And said I can't believe you can see her. I wish I had that gift to see her to. But for me to have this young spiritual woman describe my Hailey in effect detail told me she is still with me all the time. I miss her all the time. I believe some people are able to see spirit better than others. Clearly this woman was one of those people. Hailey was a Basset Hound mix . The vets used to try to guess what she was mixed with but I never had the testing done.


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