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Launching a New Year, a New Book, and a New Life

The term "reborn" may have a religious context, and there is nothing wrong with that. I like the description of being reborn in the Divine Spirit since that can also transcend religion as well as be a part of it. No one person or organized religion can exclusively define someones experience of being reborn and Lady Gaga nails it when she states that it can be a choice as well as an unexpected gift of grace from the Divine Spirit.

As we start this New Year, already five weeks in, I celebrate launching a new book - 333 Keywords to Change Your Life, self published on Amazon. I also just launched this new blog to share some thoughts and write and rant and shout out and inspire and live in the question and just let loose with whatever words and thoughts stream through.

We are our own sanctuary in that we can create our own sacred space in our home, our minds, our hearts and our soul. During meditation I feel like I am in a sanctuary of the spirit, and it is a very special time of the day.  In fact I am going into meditation right after posting this.

It is 3:44pm, Wednesday, Feb 8 2017. Time to visit a sanctuary.


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