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Compassion,Tibetan Mastiff Puppy, and Facebook

Part of my plan to get the word out about my new book , 333 Keywords to Change Your Life, is to take each keyword, add an inspiring quote and then place them in a beautiful photograph with Photoshop.

When I saw this Tibetan Mastiff puppy in my search for photo ideas, it didn't relate directly to compassion, and yet the Dalai Lama is always talking about all of us creating more compassion in the world. So there is a tie in with this amazing looking dog.

I have decided to "adopt" this puppy as my "mascot" for my Facebook page, and if you go there you will see his photo at the top in the cover photo along with my book cover. His name is Rumi.
 Facebook page - @333 Keywords

With all of the chaos going on in the world, I prefer to stay within "the eye of the hurricane" - that still calm center surrounded by the turbulent winds. As a metaphor, it works for me as to how I show up and choose to be with news and world events (see blog - Sacred Activism - Why I Stand in the Eye of the Hurricane). I remind myself to "embrace all living creatures and the whole of nature and its beauty". Then I see the wisdom in that puppy's face and know how we are all connected.

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